Revolutionize Your Customer Service

Travelers today demand instantaneous access, solutions and knowledge. Stay ahead of these demands and revolutionize how you engage with your clients through our suite of tools, including FlightStats Proactive Monitoring and our Mobile App.

Travel Leaders 24 Mobile

Provide a higher touch solution for your travelers with our Mobile App. Provide travelers with more details, ready at their finger tips, while maintaining brand consistency and keeping your agency front of mind for all travel related enquiries.

By providing relevant, effective and supportive tools to your travelers, drive higher engagement and meet the terms of your travelers needs through their mobile device.

Realtime Resolutions without a Phone Call

Travelers today require instantaneous solutions, especially when faced with travel disruptions or last minute changes. A traditional workflow would require travelers to contact you with a phone call which is not always convenient; or an email, which even at its fastest has a several minute delay and can’t support the same interpersonal communication levels.

Our real time chat solution provides the perfect compromise of minimized inconvenience, and maximized efficiency by allowing your travelers to connect with a Travel Advisor and communicate in a seamless and secure manner.

Reservations & Notifications

Travelers can access their upcoming travel reservations, in a simple and easy to read interface. With quick access to confirmation numbers, flight, hotel and car details, it makes finding a reservation easy.

Incorporated with the reservation view are flight notifications. These contextual alerts provide important information and reminders to travelers, as it relates to their itinerary. We look at relevant notifications, and work to prevent over notifications of details that may not be as relevant or important for travelers.


Interested in incorporating chat functionality into more of your regular business workflows? We can provide a solution for your in-house team to work with your travelers during the day, and have our teams seamless take over during the after hours environment.

We can also provide custom branded solutions, which reflect your specific brand to your travelers, and gives you an additional touch point with not only your corporate client, but the individual travelers as well.

Company Specific Contact Details

Provide Traveler or Company specific contact details in the app. We can accommodate dedicated phone numbers and email addresses for your corporate accounts, so we ensure that Travelers only see the “right” contact details.

Similar technology can be deployed for your Independent Contractors, where you can provide specific contact details, and dictate how chat is supported when they are unavailable – by your agency, our after hours team, or both.

COVID-19 Traveler Resources

Travel Leaders 24 Mobile now features COVID-19 resources for travelers. These resources pull PNR data, and provide travelers with quick access to:

  • Case Numbers
  • Travel Restrictions at the Country and US State Level
  • Cleaning & Restrictions at the Vendor Level
  • Travel Restrictions / Limitations

Data is updated, real-time, and keeps your travelers aware of the latest developments around COVID-19 for their trips, and gives them quick access to tools and resources to get detailed information to help them on their journey. Our agents are available, 24/7 through the Mobile as well, in the event they need assistance changing or canceling their journey.