What If You Could Notify Your Client That You had Rebooked them on a New Flight, Before they Called You About a Cancelation?

By leveraging the latest technology, our systems notify us in advance about any delays, diversions or cancelations which may impact a given traveler. Through this technology, we are able to focus our attention on travelers who are facing disruptions, and reach out to them first, establishing an open line of communication, and most importantly, reassuring them that their Travel Leaders Agency is keeping an eye on their travel arrangements.

Beyond Airlines

Helping your clients with Air Disruptions is one thing, but what about their other reservations? Travel Leaders 24 Agent’s address each item in an individual PNR to ensure that while a flight may be delayed or canceled, the remaining reservations are updated as well. Whether its canceling an Car reservation, or contacting a hotel to ensure that they don’t mark the reservation as a No-Show, this is all part of our service.

Advanced Features

  • We contact all suppliers on a PNR to ensure that any disruption with one, doesn’t impact the others – including Airlines, Car Rentals and Hotels.
  • When we see an impending or existing disruption, we call out to your client to ensure they understand the situation, their options, and that your agency is available should they need assistance