2020 reminded us that there are always new challenges for us in our Industry, and we at Travel Leaders 24 have been working on hard on a variety of new products to help streamline your work, increase efficiency and support, and help you reduce your overall costs – and hopefully help you close more business!

As we see the changes in the travel industry, Travel Leaders 24 is embracing the concept of shared services solutions, and bringing you shared service opportunities that make sense. After Hours support is based on a shared services model, and we believe we can extend this further, and find more areas to support your agency better.

Some of our new Shared Services Solutions include:

Online Concur & Other OBT Support

Travelers and Corporate Accounts frequently need help and support while navigating their online booking tools. Travel Leaders 24 is now proud to offer day time support for your agency, to provide OBT guidance and assistance to travelers. Providing navigation assistance, password resets, updating profiles and adding unused tickets to profiles are just some of what our team is able to offer.

Combining this with our web based Chat platform, allows your agency to provide real time assistance for your traveler’s needs, and help them resolve their online booking tool challenges.

Implementing Next-Gen Phone Systems for your Agency

TL24 is excited to bring you a next-gen phone solution, to save your money, and increase your agencies efficiencies and features for your agents:

  • Average annual savings of 30%
  • Improve Remote Working
  • Full ACD Capabilities & Reporting
  • Browser Based Solution, including Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging and Fully Integrated Mobile Apps
  • Optional integrations with your CRM

TL24 will create, deploy and support your phone system instance, so there is no ongoing work required from your agency to support the platform.

Implementing a Cloud Based IT Infrastructure for your Agency

Shifting your IT infrastructure to the cloud will not only help you reduce your overall spend, but increase your overall security stature. In addition, Cloud Infrastructure will integrate with Office 365, and provide you a more robust overall positioning with your IT.

Shifting to the cloud ensures you are able to provide secure, locked down desktops for your agents while they work remotely, propagate Single Sign On (SSO) across many of your applications and easily deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security.

You can move your GDS applications, CRMs and even your accounting system to the Cloud, reducing some of your onsite requirements for PCI compliance, while ensuring limited access to your GDS.

Travel Leaders 24 will create, deploy and support your cloud infrastructure, so there is no ongoing work required from your agency to support the platform.